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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wazzit Wednesday Contest?!

We're gonna play a little game today...can you guess what plants these flowers come from? Please be as specific as possible. The person who gets the most answers correct will get a little prezzie in the mail. The person who gets the bonus question will get a different prezzie. The most comments I have ever had was 9 so you have a pretty good chance of winning. Winners will be announced next Wednesday! Please make sure I have your email address if you comment anonymously. Good Luck!

Here's part of my backyard...the red and green maple trees and hammock are mine. The pool, gazebo and garage are the neighbors.

Feel free to enlarge Wazzit pictures for a better view:






Bonus question:


Janet O. said...

My guesses are...
#1--some kind of summer squash
#3-green peas
#4-green pepper

Patchwork Sisters said...

# 1 cucumber
2 ?
3 english peas
4 snap beans
5 cherry tomatoes
bonus ?
Harder than it looks!

Lily said...

1 summer squash2.potato3.beans4peppers5.tomato bonus-clematis

Carol E. said...

1. pumpkin
2. eggplant
3. potatoes
4. green pepper
5. tomoatoes
bonus: onion