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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Alas, no actual sewing was done this weekend - the weekend was full of activities and working at job#2 followed by staying home sick on Monday. NOTHING was accomplished Monday. I miss my sewing machine :(

Sew, lucky for you - we are back to pictures from the Adirondacks.

On my drive to 8th Lake I stopped in Inlet at the Black Bear Trading Post quilt store. I never thought to take a picture of the outside of the cute little store but I swore I took a picture of the bear mounted over the cash register. I can't find the picture on my camera or mobile so please use your imagination. Think they send him after people who bounce checks? They also have a wall of these great heart shaped quilt hangars. I don't think they would stress the quilts very much and it was a great way to hang a lot of quilts in a small space. Daddy said he could make me some :)

Not a single person said boo to me when I was looking around the store Friday and then it took some time for the "cutter" to notice I was ready to have fabric cut. I wasn't very impressed so far. But then the cutter lady was chatty and I found out she lives in Rochester and works at a popular LQS there - only about an hour from where I live. Small world!

BBTP is only open during the tourist months so was having their end of season sales on batiks and kits. I picked up this great cat batik, the cream batik and a few random FQs.

The next day Mom, Dad and I stopped in the same store to have a look. They immediately recognized my dad and remembered that he owns an old truck (1929 International). How they remember Dad and not Mom (lady with the checkbook winkwink) is beyond me but Mom says it happens often. The staff was quite chatty that trip - a totally different atmosphere. The 2 striped fabrics above, wrapped in BBTP ribbon, were from the scrap bin that I hadn't notice the day before. Mom picked up bear flannel for me to make her a pillow case and we are going to use the BBTP ribbon some how. Santa also picked up a few things for my stocking :)


Janet O. said...

Isn't it nice to have Santa along to justify a few more purchases?
Love those heart quilt hangers.

Denise :) said...

Good ol' Santa! He's a handy fellow to have tagging along on trips like that, eh? Hope you're feeling better from Monday. Blech. The BBTS sounds like a fun place to shop -- the heart hangers are quite darling - I hope your dad really can make you some! Hugs! :)

Connie said...

There are some beautiful fabrics that you picked! Have fun shopping! I like your photos of your cats but blogger wouldn't let me post on it.