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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cathedral Pines Trail

I promise - this is my last post about my trip to the Adirondack Mountains!

I found this link at cnyhiking.com with photos and a youtube video.

Mom, Dad and I walked this hike on my last day in the Mountains. It's supposedly the shortest maintained trail, at a whopping one-tenth of a mile. If you start to the right of the loop, it takes you up a steep hill where you can see the huge white pines that give the trail it's name. Not only are the trees exceptionally large around their girth but they were extremely tall which was hard to adequately photograph.

Maybe you can see in the photo to your left - if Dad and I had been on level ground we might have been able to touch finger tips...but there was probably a lot of space still on the far side of the tree.

Does this help you get even a hint of how tall these trees are?

Their root systems were massive.

At the turning point in the trail loop, is this plaque to a local vet. Mom & Dad had just hiked this trail three days before and there were only 3 pennies then...

The plaque used to be on this white pine, just behind the stone memorial, which was hit by lighting somewhere in the last 20 years - Dad can remember hiking this trail when the plaque was still on the tree. I didn't photograph it but you could see where the tree had grown around the plaque over the years.

Dad posed for me and was pleased as punch that he had a patriotic shirt on to match the flag.

While fiddling with camera settings I remembered that my camera has a color accent feature. I really need to play with this feature more often.
It's quite subtle but the moss is still green in this B&W photo of the top of the tree where it landed how every many years ago

Can you see the patina on the plaque?
(Check out the tree to see where the plaque used to be)

Or the red on the flag? The soil also reflects a little red.


Denise :) said...

I'm totally enjoying your trip photos -- don't stop! I want you to know that with some of my birthday money, I bought rulers. Don't laugh. I actually came back to your blog to look for the ones I'd really envied...err, admired. LOL! :)

Janet O. said...

Love the photos of this beautiful spot, Sarah. Thanks for posting them.
Fun color highlights with the black & white pics!