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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Remember the scraps I bought during the shop hop a couple weeks ago and how I said I wanted to get them trimmed that weekend but I told you not to hold your breath? Well, anyone who actually did hold their breath can let it out now because I finished trimming them this past holiday weekend!

The strips are for my strip bins ala Bonnie. The squares are for my Scrap Therapy bins. The neutral 2" strips are for RollRoll Cotton Boll and the neutral 2" and 2.5" squares and 1" strips are for Omigosh. The neutral/gold/black chunks at the top are for various UFO's.

And this is all that I had to throw away...just a handful really.

I have a whole trug of scraps - I guess I need to just grab a pile every week and whittle away at them.

That wasn't so wordless was it?!


Janet O. said...

The colors of these fabrics just reach out and grab me. I think they would look good together, even though I know they are going to different projects.
What caught my eye in the middle photo was the box of Bengal Spice tea. I use that when I have a cold--I think it helps burn it our of me! : ) And with a teaspoon of honey as sweetener, I think it helps calm my cough. Lately I have been having a glass every evening, and occasionally in the morning, too! Maybe I need one right now.

Denise :) said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah -- look how busy you've been! Nicely done. Organization feels good, huh? Your piles look all nice and pretty and categorized! Yay! :)

Lauren Sgranfetto said...

Proof that you do not sleep!