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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My very first sewing machine

I've owned 4 sewing machines in my lifetime - oh wait it was 5.

  • I've had my Bernina 430 since 2007.
  • Before that Mom had bought me a Janome - it still works fine but since it wasn't for quilting I outgrew it quickly. Couldn't lower the feed dogs and all...
  • Before that I had inherited Grandma's sewing machine - after lugging it back to Miami I discovered it hadn't been worth the effort and stuffed it in a closet until it got wet in a hurricane.
  • Before that I had a turquoise Singer. Yes, exactly the color of that font I just used. I was the third owner and received it as a Christmas gift when I was barely a teen - used that baby for about 15 years until there was just nothing else I or the repair shop could do to fix the tension. It was a heavy metal jobber and who knows how old it was when I finally tossed it after the same hurricane.
And this, THIS was apparently my very first machine!!!! The boys found a bucket of old toys in Mom's closet and lo and behold we found this little treasure amongst some other Fisher Price jems.  She's a little worse for wear but I think that 1" strip of RWB fabric looks just great :)

Is this the official start to that toy sewing machine collection I've been dreaming about?


Denise :) said...

LOVE this! What a sweet find! This definitely needs to go somewhere prominent in your sewing room!!! :)

Janet O. said...

You've had a checkered sewing machine past. : )
It only takes one more and it is officially a collection!

Michelle said...

So cute.