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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Funk Remover

Yup the funk is over. And what, do you ask, got rid of it??? Planning what projects to take to a retreat next month. I drafted some projects in EQ and now I would like to get some kits made up and pick some other patterns that I can just grab a strip bin for fabric.

I told someone today, I may just have lots of kits in my car, take a couple in to the retreat at a time and as I finish or get  bored, go trade it for something in the car! If nothing else, the retreat is a whole 4 miles from home and I can go grab anything I need or forgot.

Yikes - sorry for the blurryvision. This is actually part of a class sample.

This morning I was making strip sets for the next border on the above sample.


Grit said...

This looks fantastic. Wonderful fabrics.
Greetings from Germany, Grit

Ruth said...

Such fun. I love the grab and go idea. I do that with my knitting projects.
The biggest decision I have to make before a vacation is what projects to bring. And if we drive, then I need to take everything.

Judy Dietrich said...

Hey Sarah--I always overpack when taking any sewing away from home. I always think I will get so much done, since I am away from all the cleaning and stuff. I have found concentrating on one things work better for me--but I always have another project in case I would leave something important out of the project box for working on my project. I have forgotten thread, scissors, thimbles and such--then I at least have something else along to work on if I screw up bringing any supplies along. I also find it so much fun to check on whatever any one else is working on--that I do not always use all my time on my projects. Hope you have a very productive weekend!!! From cold and snowy Nebraska----brrrr.

quiltmania said...

Have fun at your retreat! You just can't take too much with you, you just never know what you will be in the mood to make.

Janet O. said...

I really like the look of whatever that is you are making, Sarah. : )
Well, with only four miles between you and home, at least you can do something about it if you change your mind about what you brought with you.

Denise :) said...

How pretty!! I love your strippy batiks ... I like the blurryvision ... it's how I see without my glasses. LOL! :)