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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Progress everywhere and nowhere

Look! I made progress on my tumbler quilt!
You're probably thinking "Sarah - that's not much progress - just 2 skinny inner borders."

Well, yeah, you're right, it's not a lot of progress but that's because I've also been fussy cutting...and heaven knows, that's a slow and tedious project.

In just about 2 week's I'm going camping and need some hexies to work on :) I've trimmed a few more batiks for my twisted hexies but mostly I've been fussy cutting rosestar blocks for my owl project. Yes, a project that I haven't worked on since last year's camping trips. Hardly any progress on that project :(

But at least my hexie project boxes are filling up for my trip!

The problem is, the papers I need to work on the owl blocks have been used in my hexie puzzle blocks. I refuse to buy more papers so I will need to make some progress on that project so I can pull out papers to reuse.

There is progress everywhere. LOL!


Missy Shay said...

progress is progress, even if it is just a border! LOL

Ruth said...

When I go away, I spend more time figuring out what projects to take than anything else. Clothing - as long as it matches and looks good, I'm fine. But projects! Now those are important.

Janet O. said...

To me, borders are big progress. I always stall there!