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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday Weather Report #49 - 4/26/18

Did you miss me while I was gone? On Friday/Saturday I was in Buffalo for an EMT conference and Sunday thru Wednesday I was in Albany for a town clerk conference. Both conferences were very educational and it's fun to see people you see once a year but I'm whooped. It's also nice to have a little furry fellow very happy to see me when I get home.

The purpose of me making and selling the name badge holders is to make money to buy more fabric. It's a good thing I sold 18 of the 20 since we stopped at 2 quilt stores in Syracuse and Albany and I spent a good share of the proceeds. Hadn't planned to use it that fast but why not when at 2 new-to-me stores?! No pictures yet as I haven't finished unpacking but soon, I promise. The best purchase of each store would be a black fabric with multicolored bird houses for the back of the temp quilt and the peacock pattern that is the same style as the lion.

We are still in the midst of Spring Weather - which means it's all over the thermometer. It snowed most of last Thursday and it appears snow is also on the agenda for this coming Saturday. I've been using the same blue snowflake fabric for the last few snowy days but I think I'll have to come up with something else for Saturday since I am pretty sure this was the last piece...I was hoping lack of the fabric would mean a lack of snow. I should have known better.

37- 32 - 40 - 47 - 58 - 67 - 68 F

How as your weather this week?


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Love new to me shops--glad your four legged furry family was happy to see you.

Vireya said...

That looks like spring or autumn weather - a bit all over the place.

Pamela said...

Great looking block!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

It was a jumpy week, but hope we are on an even keel with Sping now. You were so close to me I could hear you laughing! If I didn't have a class here, would have loved to join you at Amelia's that day.

Janet O. said...

Honestly, I have been gone from blogland so much, I don't know who else has been gone. :)
That is an interesting weather week, for sure!
I am glad you sold enough badge holders to have fun at the shops along the way!