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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #47 - 4/11/18

Due to a very serious, but not quite lethal, case of newprojectitis I became engrossed in working on this:

Another round added!!
There is so much depth to this pattern in the solids.

And completely forgot to finish this:

38 - 29 - 38 - 30 - 30 - 35 - 37 F


I'm not sure how someone forgets to work on something that you've been doing for 329 days but I did. I'll get it caught up liketysplit.

In the meantime I need to distract myself from that Lion.

Probably not gonna really happen but it sounded good, didn't it?


Jo said...

Don't fall behind now...

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The temp rosettes are quick, so you will easily catch up. I am loving this new project so don't blame you for wanting to stick with it.

Pamela said...

Love your temperature quilt fabrics, but not your temperatures!

Janet O. said...

I've been out of commission for a bit and I come back to find you going full blast on a new EPP project! What a shock!
And I totally get it. It is a stunner. I would have been surprised if you had resisted. :)

Vireya said...

True confessions - I had to make 3 hexies today to complete my week. It must be something about the year coming to an end.