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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do you?

I do now!!!! Look what arrived yesterday...

And look what is on the back - one of the features of EQ7 is to import a photo and transform it into a one patch quilt. This sample is with hexies!!! OMG - I need to pick a photo - where to begin?? (Yikes that makes 3 more hexie quilts I want to make after I finish the current 2)

The LQS purchased the software for me to learn and then use at the store. I've already signed up for some EQ Yahoo groups and I'm looking into classes at International Quilt Fest in Houston (125 days to go!!!). I'll start with the lessons that came with the software this weekend. Wish me luck that I have the strength and fortitude to step away from the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time :)


Barbara said...

I've been working through the lessons recently. I kind of got side tracked. Need to soldier on with it. It's an amazing program.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed EQ5 and 6, but haven't upgraded to 7 yet. I use the program all the time to design quilts and choose blocks.