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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zippered pouches

Oi - how did it get to be the end of the day and I haven't posted yet?

Have you made any of these neat-o zippered pouches yet? What was that? You said you are afraid of zippers? No worries, my friends, this is one of the easiest patterns I have and once you get in the groove, you can really pump them out. I've altered the dimensions slightly so there isn't so much fabric waste and I've marked the pattern with the various foot #s I use so it's even faster.

Oh, and did I mention they are addictive? With about a dollar for the zipper and scraps of fabric and batting for the rest it's a super customizable quickie gift that has a ton of uses. You may remember I use one to carry my hexie projects in, Mom uses hers for manicure supplies and I've stuffed chocolates or other gifts in them. They ARE like Lays and I bet you can't make just one!

Just look - I have all those little kits lined up to make more assembly line style.  And then there are even more gorgeous colors to play with (half of these zippers were from the quilt show - wish I had gotten more).

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