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Friday, June 17, 2011

Feline Friday

Once again, I'm late posting but only becasue I chose to be outside during lunch today. The sun was shinning and it was just shy of 70 degrees...couldn't be more perfect so I trotted across the street with my hexies and asked the furniture store if they would mind if I sat in one of the rocking chairs they had outside for sale. Ahhhh...

Today I was going to show you Pepper's favorite activity - being brushed! Unfortunately, he enjoys it so much he can't hold still and it's impossible to get a half-way decent shot. And, once I pull a gob of fur off the Furminator and lay it on the carpet to continue Furminating he wants to roll in that too. As long as he's happy, right? The fur has a lot of static electricity, meaning it flies about and sticks to everything but a good lint roller will pick most of it up.

While the girls enjoy a good brushing with a (dog) paddle brush, Poppy likes to be brushed with the Furminator!  I first saw this tool in the pet store and thought it was outrageously expensive but I later found it on Amazon at a deep discout, even with S/H.

The tool apparently has a razor blade inside it - even if I have that totally wrong it pulls out gobs of undercoat and makes a world of difference. I'm bet you're greatly relieved I didn't photo the gobs of fur! You have to be careful when you use the Furminator and I wouldn't let little kids use it just to be safe. Pepper likes to roll around while I Furminate him so it can get a little dicey. If you have a chance to buy a Furminator I would go for it. I must add that boney kitties like little Midgie are not good candidates for this brush.

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