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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Quilt Show Photos

Sew...I thought I could just post my 5 best photos from the quilt show and be done with it...Bwaahahahahah. not gonna happen because I liked too many quilts. Lets just say that I'll peridocially post another 5 until I forget to add more....

"Ode to the 60's - Not your Grandmother's Flower Garden"

You knew I would find some hexies, right?

I really liked how the flowers were overlapped and the petals were quilted.

"Tropic Twist"

Yup - bright colors are just my style.

The little flanges had yellow on one side and a pattern on the other. Just by flipping them over with the stitching made such an impact.

I've seen these before and it was on my bucket list but now I think it needs to get moved up...


I love tesselations. I've made one - have I shown it to you? I don't think so...

I'm not sure that I am in love with the fabrics as much as the design but the quilting was phenom and only on the solid fish. I'm even pretty sure that each fish was different.

Yeh, I know, not the best photo. I didn't even document the name of the quilt, let alone the remainder of the quilt. I'm pretty sure it was a standard GFG.

What I wanted to remember was the quilting design. Very simple curves that created a rounded shape. I see 2 things: a series of stretched pie shapes running left to right and an elongated oval that is two hexies wide.

I have no idea who made this, nor did I save the quilt name but it was attributed to a class with Mary Diamond. I loved the animal print for hair and the dyed cheese cloth for her clothing. Flower earrings were a nice touch.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some unusual and exciting quilts.