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Monday, March 05, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Can't say that this was my most productive (re quilts anyways) weekend so far this year and that's because I (a) was social and (b) took a long/deserved nap!!

Saturday morning I made blueberry ginger scones based on the latest Tea Time magazine. I would love to show you a photo but I didn't think of it until they were devoured :)  I hope to make another batch this coming weekend... I made the scones to take with my new Sevenberry Sangria Tea to Noel's house for a sew day! Amongst the chatter, I think we both got a lot done. And then...Noel served homemade Minestrone soup - perfect for a chilly day and I got to bring the leftovers home!

I knew we would have a middle-of-the-night rescue call because we had ice water rescue training Sunday morning - and we did have the call! Training went smoothly and my brother commented it was probably the best training he had ever had based on the poor condition of the ice. I would  have to guess there was only 2 to 3" of ice where we were training (and the firemen were falling thru the ice) but there were guys out ice fishing on the other side of the lake. No pictures of ice training this year - it was too cold and the whole training exercise kind a stopped when the Silver Springs VFD we were training with left for a structure fire.

After getting home and eating a yummy brunch of grits and sausage I was trying to do some computer work and just felt whooped so I decided to take a little nap on the couch. You know where this is going! I woke up almost 4 hours later. Guess I really needed that nap!!

I worked just a few more hours before another rescue call and then the weekend was practically over! Phew!

Remember the half square tri's I started working on last week? Well that project is coming along quite nicely. I had planned to make this a smallish quilt based on what I thought was half of the HSTs that I had paired up. I should never have assumed because now I think I'll be able to finagle a couch sized quilt out of these "leftovers!" I need to cut out some more sashing strips and cornerstones but I should know by this weekend exactly how big I can make it.


Denise :) said...

Wow! For a weekend that wasn't (in your words) productive, it sure was busy!! Your tea and sew sounds like it was fun!! I saw that scone recipe -- I bet they were delish! Your HST project looks GREAT!!! Fun colors and really pretty prints. I do love me some Batiks! :)

Me and My Stitches said...

You just made me tired! Wish I had one of those scones right now - I love scones, but have never made them.

Michelle said...

Love your blocks!
It's going to look great.

wella said...

wow that is really coming along. Thanks for leaving the rest of the scones. the soldiers I had here finished them off.

I had a great time. Love sewing and chatting with you. I just ordered more hexies to get my 250 hexies done!

Janet O. said...

Wow, that was quite a weekend! So lucky to have a sew day. I dream about doing that someday. : )
Those are great looking blocks! Did you get to the quilt shop for a border fabric or does the one you had look good with it?

Connie said...

What neat blocks! Love the pattern!