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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hexie update and a rant or three


Why doens't EMS dispatch automatically dispatch the ice rescue team for a patient ON THE ICE??? How rediculous that we need to request the team be dispatched. Why does the sheriff, actually two of them, think it's ok to walk out on the (thin) ice without a flotation device when we refuse to do so and advise him not to? Why are there more fisherman going out on the ice when there are 5 sheriffs and 2 fire departments on the scene? Are fisherman so desparate to get one more day in before it's 60F tomorrow? Word is that 3 men fell thru the ice while we were across the lake practicing Sunday morning, at this very site, altho they were able to save themselves.

And if that wasn't enough, I'm trying to get to work after the call and I can see the woman on the other side of the road looking in her lap (at a cell phone?) coming into my lane. I was about to blast my horn when she looked up and ever-so-gradually returned to her lane.

Why does the Chinese food place (ahhh comfort food!) say my food will be ready in 10 minutes when it really took 25 and then they forgot my fortune cookie.

Oi, I have a headache...and now my cell battery is about to die, again!
I became very cranky after 8:18am...this is going to require chocolate, lots of chocolate...


Any chance you remember the Kindle cover I started making back in January? The last time I posted about the cover I had finally decided to add more hexies so that I could do proper seams...I just hadn't gotten back to the project until this weekend. It was one of the projects I worked on at Noel's.

I need to find one more purple (or I could add a yellow since the cover would then have all 3 of my fav colors) and the hexies are done. Then I can quilt it. I have purple thread picked out, even the quilting pattern altho I forgot to take a picture of it this morning. I forgot to bring my Zumba workout clothes to work today so I'll have extra time after work. Hmmm...quilt or do the housework I didn't do last weekend? I'm leaning towards the former :)


Denise :) said...

Whew!! Good thing you got that ranting off your chest! Girl!

Your kindle cover is looking wonderful!! Hey ... and if you spend a considerable amount of time leaning back and forth between the two (obviously settling on the quilting), you can say you got your workout in, too. LOL! Happy to help! ;)

Connie said...

Sometimes ranting can help relief the pressure.....I bet you're feeling better now :) We have a lake near here that I can't believe fishermen are on when the weather starts getting warm! My brothers all ice fish but thankfully are very careful. Your kindle cover is looking great!
Quilting by the River - Linky Tuesday

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

We had a span of a couple of weeks when it seemed like every other day a dog had fallen through some ice and had to be rescued. Denver even made national news because one of the dog's bit a new anchor doing a story about the dog after it was rescued. I'm glad the dogs were rescued, but I think the owners should be fined in some way for the expenses associated because they weren't on a leash.

Your hexies look awesome!!!

Michelle said...

We don't have that problem ( down under ) when we go fishing.
We have to fight the flies and chase the shade ( or we get sunburn
The only ice we get on the water is on a frosty morning.

Can't wait to see your kindle cover.

Janet O. said...

Ah the intelligence of mankind. Isn't it amazing sometimes?
Of course I remember the Kindle cover--are you kidding? It is purple and green! Could I forget that?
Glad to know your priorities are in order!! : ) Get quilting!

Me and My Stitches said...

Don't blame you for needing the rant - all those things would have irritated me too! Glad you are back to your Kindle cover - that should help you forget the other things.