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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's the little things that make a difference...

So obviously the kitchen in my old house is very outdated but it's just not in the budget to make major changes at this time. You know how you look at something every day and don't notice it until you see a picture? Yeh, we *really* need some updates but for now I'm thrilled with 3 small changes Dad helped me with over the weekend.

When I moved into this house (sorry forgot those pictures at home) there was a nasty old microwave over the stove top and the fridge was in the middle of the cupboards. The microwave was quickly removed and the fridge was eventually switched with a cupboard - both of which really opened up the kitchen. Unfortunately, the cupboards were water/steam stained or covered in layers of grease that I still can't get off completely. They are otherwise in great shape so I'll paint them some day down the line. BUT - there were now empty spaces where we had (re)moved appliances and I thought two shelves would be great to take advantage of the space and get things off the counter. For the last 2 days I just walk into the kitchen and sing because I love all the free space created by two simple shelves.

See those 2 small cupboard doors over the wall ovens? Not the top and impossible to reach ones but the ones in the middle? Dad took out the shelf and doctored the doors a little so that I could stand muffin pans and cookies sheets on end. Another brilliant use of space that was once empty for it's inconvenience.

Next project is to add more shelves to the utility closet (one of only 3 closets in the house) to make it more like a pantry than a kinda useless utility closet. As it is now, half the closet was for storing the ironing board that is only used (rarely) for ironing clothes. That monster will be moved to the upstairs bathroom where it might actually get used. Oh, who am I kidding, I just don't want it wasting precious closet space.

I was going to list my wish list for the kitchen but you don't wanna read that...maybe I'll just go buy a lotto ticket. Wish me luck!


Janet O. said...

Isn't it fun how each little improvement can make such a difference? My sister used to design kitchens and bathrooms, so I know all about the "triangle" arrangement you are supposed to shoot for in a kitchen. I just don't always think it is the best use of space. I applaud what you have done. And I love my cupboards for muffin tins and cookie sheets, too!

Denise :) said...

Wow -- what great cabinet space you have! I wanna read your wish list for your kitchen ... after the sewing room, the kitchen is my favorite room in the house!! In our new (LOL) RV -- they're one and the same. Hahaha! :)

AnnieO said...

Wow, that is sooommmme wallpaper, lol! Glad some tweaking of the storage space is making your kitchen time better--it's so important to love your workspace. I only love mine now that we got rid of the U shaped nonsense that made it a kitchen for ONE and now have a galley style that works for real-sized adults. And our house is only 22 years old!!

Michelle said...

You have a really big kitchen and lots of bench space.
Is that an island bench on the right??

quilt32 said...

The kitchen looks great to me - I especially like that it looks as though someone really uses it. I would love to get some extra counter space. How wonderful that your dad can help you out.

Heather said...

What a great feeling, huh? And what a sweetheart of a dad! When you see the improvement from one little change, it just motivates you to want to keep on going! :o)