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Thursday, March 01, 2012

NewFO and UFO Thursday - February Report

Lets do UFO's first -

My UFO Challenge for this month was to work on my Orca Bay Quilt.  As you may recall from earlier this month, I completed 30 blue string blocks. I had plans to do more last weekend or even last night before midnight but it didn't happen. My goal for the month was to make progress on the quilt and I did... I just never thought to take a picture.

One of my own goals for the year was to finish my "florabunda" quilt based on an antique that Bonnie Hunter encouraged us to all work on starting last year as leader-enders. I finished the top, now called Kangaroo Walkabout, this month and even bought the batting. I still need to piece the back and get it sandwiched.

Now, on to the NewFOs...

My designated project for the month was to work on my broderie perse project. I didn't get far but it is started! I cut the green batik for the sashings. I was too timid to cut into the koi fabric and that's as far as I got. I never took a photo of the cut parts, nor did I remember to grab the EQ file. Can you guess what I'll be working on in March?

This months doll quilt was based on broken dishes or half square triangles. Not having the book to get the pattern from, I doodled in EQ which also let me play with color placement. This is the design I settled on:

The original design had more random color placement and a little heart stitchery in the center block. I've picked out the following fabrics (still deciding on the borders: rightmost fabrics) and planned to make a heart shaped yoyo for the center.

My last new project for the month, started on a whim 4 days before the month ended, was another Bonnie inspired project. You may recall that I came across some half square triangles and a pattern almost simultaneously. I again doodled in EQ to come up with this layout based on Bonnie's original design and my lack of 16 more HST:

The colors are not correct at all since the HST are all batiks...it was just easier to doodle this way. The two purple borders could turn out to be anything and I'll be going to the LQS tomorrow to see what strikes my fancy. As you can see in the following photo, I do have a neutral stripe that would be fun as sashing, border or binding. There is also a chunk of the neutral used in each of the HST blocks available to use. I also have that wild orangey fabric that I got from a sale bin. I originally thought it would work for backing but what about outer border? I don't think there is enough for both places. Tell me what you think before I go to the store tomorrow. Please don't make me make my own decision!!


Janet O. said...

So many projects--my head is spinning!
I like them all, but especially the last, scrappy batik HST thing! I am an orange gal--love it! But I don't see orange in the HSTs. If that is truly the case I would put that fabric in the back, not the border (even though the quilt it scrappy). If you do have orange HSTs in the quilt and they just aren't in the photo, I would lay some HSTs out, including some orange, put this up alongside and see if I liked the way they play together. But that is just me "control freak" method of doing a "scrap quilt." *LOL*

Barbara said...

What a great group of projects, Sarah. Love the colors in your Orca Bay. Thanks for linking up.

Connie said...

Great projects and it looks like you are having fun in EQ! Wouldn't it be great if we could finish quilts that fast!

quilt32 said...

Wonderful projects. I like to doodle in EQ, too.

Denise :) said...

Sarah, Sarah -- what lovely things you're working on!! That little doll quilt design, in particular, is particularly fetching. And I love you big fish!!! (And the cat on the quilt, of course!)

On a random note, what would it cost me to get you to take off the word verification on your blog?!? LOL!!! :)

Kathy T. said...

I love the colors in the quilt that's getting the "cat scan"! And those batiks will be luscious. Keep us posted on its progress ...