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Monday, December 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday & Celtic Solstice

This past weekend was Cookie Day at my house Saturday. No pictures but Mom and I spent 10 hours baking and glazing 11 batches of cookies. Sunday was Candy Day at my SIL's house where we made about 20 kinds of candy. I was only there 7 hours and Mom 5 hours, but Kristie put in 12 and she still has more candy to make...

Truffles and brittle and sponge candy and jellies and caramels and choco covered peanuts.
Oh My!!!
Saturday I shoveled probably 5" so Mom could get in the driveway. Sunday I didn't bother to shovel since I was walking to my brother's house but then he offered to take his snowblower over to my house. Neither day did I bother to clean off my car. And that was why I had to clean 10" off it this morning!

All this to say I didn't get much sewing done this weekend (not even a single hexie!) cuz I never want to see another cookie or piece of choco and had to clear the car and another 6" from the drive again this morning!! (Don't believe me - I had a ginger krinkle for breakfast!) Please don't think I'm complaining - it's great exercise and it's still the fluffy snow that I like to shovel. I can also wave to the neighbors as they do their drives or cross country ski up the street. It was a brisk 18F (or -10C!) but I can still break a sweat. :^)

I just need to finish ironing that pile to complete Step #1.
This week should be a little slower and I can work on Steps 2 and 3.

Current total in my yard is 14" altho I am not sure how accurate this is since the wind has been blowing and the sun was actually out for a few minutes. It is supposed to continue snowing all week until Friday when it will be 43F and raining. Double Yuck! since it's my annual road trip to the city for Xmas shopping and a non-LQS.

Instead of "Where's Waldo" ...
Let's play "Where's Zorro"????


Ramona said...

I had to wipe the drool from my chin before I could begin typing. :D Your candy looks delicious!

I love the colors of your "Bonnie" quilt. (Can't remember the name!!??) The blues are so clear and look nice with the whites.

Missy Shay said...

I see his little ears peeking up! Wow, how fun to get to do all of that baking with your family!

Sue SA said...

Wow what a marathon baking session, I am sure your family and friends will be happy to help you eat it all! While you are facing snow, here in Australia we are expecting 40C on Thursday and high 30's the days prior. So I just love seeing pictures of the cold...I guess it would be a different story if I had ever had to shovel snow in my life!
Hope that you get some stitching time soon, happy quilting Sue SA.

Elaine said...

Who cares about the hexies or the peaky and spikes - bring on the candy and cookies!!!! Oh my god - you look like you are baking/cooking for an army!!!!

Vireya said...

Wow, you have been busy!

And I still like seeing the snow pictures, like Sue who commented above. I will think of your snow when we are melting tomorrow. I don't like it when the temperature outside my body is higher than the internal one.

Michelle said...

Holy moly.......!!!!!!
That's a lot of baking........
Looks very nice too.
I love your blues for the mystery quilt........it's going to look great.
-10degrees.......oh my !
The coldest weather I've experienced was -7 one frosty morning back in Victoria.
I've never seen snow before.....oneday I hope to.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

That is a lot of cookies and candy!! We had 14" the first storm and had 3" today and I guess 3" coming tomorrow. We are plowing, snowblowing, and shoveling every day. Yes, lite snow is good exercise but I already wish for Spring.

Janet O. said...

Oh, that looks like my MIL's house when she used to have her holiday candy making sessions! It also reminded me of my soap making sessions, but I don't taste-test any of it.
Love your cute "snowing" photo!!

Me and My Stitches said...

Wow - that's a lot of candy! We haven't made a thing yet - usually have an annual cookie bake, but haven't even talked about it. Time just goes by too quickly! Love "Where's Zorro"! Cute little ears sticking up!