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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I actually have a ...


Ok, so all I finished was the top of my topper but I'm going to use the same backing, quilting design and "facing" finish as the last topper. There's no thinking involved so it should be easy, right? Except that I have Xmas gifts to finish first. If nothing else I can cut out the kite shapes to finish the facing and then the fabric in my project bin can be put back into circulation.

Check this link for the other finished topper and what I mean by "facing" - when I get this one to that stage, I'll do a tutorial.

Now I have to pick another hexie UFO to work on...I'm thinking the twisted hexies so I'll have the half hexie papers for when Santa drops off my purple and green fabrics :^)


margaret said...

things have certainly changed sine the old hexie flowers, you have so many different shapes here, so creative and looks wonderful

Janet O. said...

Another beautiful block, Sarah!
How obliging of Santa to bring you fabric. You must have connections! : )

Julierose said...

Lovely shaped topper. I like anything hexagonal lol! hugs, Julierose