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Friday, December 20, 2013

Feline Friday - 12/20/13

Hey there - Momma is still letting me in the house. Sometimes. She puts me outside pretty fast if I even think about using her ottoman as a scratching post, get on the counters or put my burlap undies on.

Earlier this week I was trying my usual trick to eat out of sissies bowl instead of my own. Momma caught me and tried to move me away from the bowl. I fell to the table in a grumpy tantrum but it didn't work - she wouldn't let me eat Midgie's kibbies. She did let me stay on the table tho so I stretched out my paws and just touched the bowl. Mine!

I then started rolling about on the table, knocking her fabrics here and there. She was getting frustrated - maybe SHE had burlap undies on?! Anyway, then I spotted the treat bag and did my best to look adorable. Eventually she stopped laughing and gave me a couple.

Momma's are so easy to train! What have you trained your Momma to do?


Karen H said...

You just tell your Momma that you are so darn cute with those chubby little toes of yours that she should just let you do as you please and give you all the treats you want! Clearly you deserve them!

Janet O. said...

Someone has someone else wrapped around their little finger. Just sayin'! : )

Scrapatches said...

Katniss says, "I have highjacked Mommy's computer again here. Those treats look good. Pssst! ... pass me one, please. I will let you share my food dish. Actually, I will let you share Butterfly's dish. I have Mommy trained so that she leaves the daylight lamp on in the sewing room so I can sun myself. Mommys are a pushover. They need a lot of love. Thanks for hosting!" ... :) signed, The 'Niss

Missy Shay said...

What a ham! I knew you would cave in and let him in! LOL

LA Paylor said...

From Cole the Standard Poodle:
I have barely trained my people in the 11+ years I've lived with them. They never give me raw meat, don't play right, and insist on leashes but I loves 'em. They do pet me well, and the treats are good... hmmm
I'll keep working with them.
Leeanna Paylor