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Friday, December 13, 2013

Feline Friday & the REAL Studio Tour

The kids were all excited to host today's post for the The REAL Studio Tour but they are still frozen after their little adventure this morning!

Hmm...maybe it's time to take the bunting down.
It was snowing faster than I could shovel this morning.

I still don't let Zorro stay in the house if I'm not there so he was very ceremoniously taken to the porch while I went out to shovel. Apparently the porch was lonely tho cuz he followed me up and down the driveway as I dug my way out. It was very cute as he would sit near me for a while and get covered in snow flakes and then run back to the porch for a few minutes. He would be back soon enough. Sadly, I couldn't get him to play in the snow.

LOVE YOU, Momma!

After shoveling was done, every one came outside:
Squeaky wanted outside.
Zorro wanted inside.
Midgie didn't really want outside so I carried her and then she really didn't want to go back inside either so I carried her again :)

Sew, today's topic on The REAL Studio Tour is all about storage ideas.

As a certifiable crock-aholic, there are several crocks very prominent in my studio.

I didn't get the 3rd crock in this picture but there are 3 at the corners of my cutting mat and ironing board. The largest holds my most often used rulers and the two-colored crock you see is a trash bin. The hidden crock holds ... wait ... can you guess? ... Chocolate! And for those of you who stopped by last week, YES, that is 3 containers for choco in my studio. LOL.

This 20 gallon crock is just as it was this morning when I was taking pictures - a dumping ground from when I cleaned something else off. If I had taken the time to clean, the bottom of the crock holds packages of batting and a trug full of scraps waiting to be trimmed sits on the packages. It has the appearance of being 20 gallons of scraps and I assure you it is not!

I forgot the 7(?) gallon crock that is the perfect height to hold rolls of wrapping paper, interfacing, etc.

This curio cabinet was a hand-me-down from my sis-in-law. I've filled it with baskets and boxes of UFOs. Yipper, probably half of the projects in the top section are hexie related.

Ok, you've probably been waiting for this on pins and needles - this here is hexie central!!! It got to the point that I couldn't keep all the slippery little bags of hexie papers neat and tidy in a basket so I got these drawer units at Dollar General and created a chart in Excel of all the shapes and templates I own. Each drawer holds a specific size and then there are a few drawers left for random sizes or supplies. It's so easy to pull out what I need or want to play with.

Don't forget to stop by next Tuesday for HeLP for Hexie-aholics and again next Friday for the big reveal of our REAL studios!!!

I hope all your pussy cats are warm and dry!


Julierose said...

Love those old crocks as containers--how enterprising! and that cabinet--I now have "cabinet envy!! Gee my Mom had a curio cabinet with glass shelves--hmmmm perhaps all
those little curios that I have to Dust, should be packed away...thanks for the peek
hugs, Julierose

patty a. said...

Love the crocks! Big ones are pricy around here, but I will have to keep my eyes open to see if I can snatch one up at a good price. I have some crock taking up space holding nothing so I will have to put them to use.

Vicki W said...

It's so cool when you can turn something you collect into a tool that you can use every day. The crocks are great!I am also a huge fan of Dollar General!

Frances said...

Would have loved a view of the Excel spreadsheet LOL!

elle said...

those big crocks bring back memories. A great way to use them!

Missy Shay said...

You have a beautiful home! My post is about cats in the snow too! LOL

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Seeing those crocks made me remember the seven-day pickles my mother used to make in hers. Wonder whatever happened to her crock...

Michelle said...

I don't think I would like shoveling snow just to get out of the driveway........
It does look pretty though.
I wish I could be that organised.......but I don't have the space.......oneday...!!

Janet O. said...

Always entertaining to follow the adventures of you and your kitties.
You have your crocks, I have my wooden bowls and trays. I have a baker's dozen of them in my sewing room, ranging from very small to about a gallon size. They hold everything from empty bobbins to spools of floss, scraps of fabric to scissors, seam ripper and marking pencils.

margaret said...

can tell your feline friends give you great joy.
You are very organised with your crocks, i bought some jars for £1 from ikea for small bits but managed to drop one in the kitchen floor, shattered into millions of pieces so all my scraps were coated in shards of glass!like you find polythene bags tend to slide all over the place your hexies boxes are ideal

Mary said...

What a great way to enjoy both your collection and your craft!

Sharon said...

Your crock over-flowith! Looks like your studio is spacious. Nice kitties too!