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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it's ALL about the chocolate today!

What do you get for your sweethearts when they don't eat chocolate?
Stinky goodness, of course! And nothing else could make them happier.

I made these chocolate cookies for my coworkers. They are actually store bought sugar cookie dough and you mix in instant coffee, cocoa powder and cream. They come across as a little strong but well worth it.

My boss bought me a chocolate cupcake from Sweet Sarah's (a great little ice cream shoppe with a chocolatier and gift shop of locally made items). Yes, those are pink lips on top :)

My friends from the LQS brought me a plate of homemade cupcakes and cookies. Sorry - couldn't take them out of the bag unless I wanted to sacrifice frosting and that would be horrific.

And tonight is "Chocolate in the Stacks." Think of your small town library with EVERY surface either covered by Chinese auction baskets or chocolate confections of all types. There are at least 60 baskets filled with goodies from local businesses and artists (remember my mugrug? Hah! Called myself an artist) and since I'm not afraid to be loud, I get to call out the winning tickets for the auction.



Denise :) said...

Oooh! What fun treats in your day (ummm...and in your purrbabies' day)! The auction at the library sounds like F-U-N!!! And you are *definitely* an artist! Have a blast! :)

Heather said...

Oh, those treats all look SO good! Well, except for the "stinky goodness" of course. LoL Hope you have a happy Valentine's day! :o)

Janet O. said...

Okay, the goodies all look great but what caught my attention was "I'm not afraid to be loud". Made me LOL!! You don't know how many times at church picnics, family reunions, etc., I am the one who is asked to yell, "Can we have your attention." because it is a well-known fact that my voice carries! : )

PatSloan said...

Happy Valentines day and thank you for sharing at my blog!

Please be sure to visit my new "Learning Center" at http://quiltinggallery.com/learning-center/

Me and My Stitches said...

It all looks yummy! Except for the stinky kitty goodness, of course - but I'm sure it made the fluffies very happy!

Anonymous said...

The cats all look so satisfied with their gift and the library event sounds wonderful.
Lillian @ lillianscupboard.wordpress.com

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Yummy looking treats........not the kitty treats....the cookies! Thanks for linking.
Quilting by the River