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Thursday, February 23, 2012

UFO Thursday

Being a three day weekend, last weekend was very productive. You already saw the selvage quilt progress yesterday but I also worked on Kangaroo Walkabout.

The top is completed and measures 54" by 72" which is a decent sized couch quilt.

Can you see the snow? There is a thick coat, perfect for snowballs, on every tree branch, electric line, etc. It's gorgeous!

Next I want to get the back pieced. I have almost 5 yards of the Aussie fabric left so I won't need to buy anything. I just have to decide how to piece it since I'm not into matching the design at the seam. I will probably just add a strip of something else to the middle and make it easy on myself.

Monday is another end-of-the month sale so I'll get another bag-o-batting for 30% off...wootwoot!

I filled out my weekend by making 30 blue string blocks for Orca Bay and making more hexie diamond "kits." I didn't get a lick of housework done but I had a great time :)


Janet O. said...

Who needs housework with so many fun projects to work on?
I love Kangaroo Walkabout! So classy looking!! I'd stick a strip of black down the middle for the backing and call it good. : )
Congrats on getting the top finished AND on making 30 string blocks!
Love the snowy scene. We got dumped on over the weekend, but it has mostly melted now. More due soon. I guess we have to squeeze winter in some time.

Denise :) said...

I never mentioned how much I liked the name of this quilt -- and it's gorgeous, too!! Great job, Sarah -- it's quite lovely! :)

Michelle said...

The quilt looks great!
And the covering of snow looks wonderful.
Oneday I will get to see snow for real.

Connie said...

Housework???? Are we supposed to do that??? What a beautiful quilt and I would probably add a strip of fabric down the center of the back too.