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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cat Braids

This little quilt has been on my design wall forever. You think I'm joking, I can tell.

I was gifted the cat panel (about 10x10.5") for Christmas 2008 and I stuck in on the far side of the Design Wall waiting for inspiration. Last year I finally decided to copy the braids of the panel as the border and was lucky enough to find the right colors at the LQS.

At some point I posted a pic of the 4 braids and the panel and asked for public opinion. Erin (a non-quilter at the time) told me that it needed a brown border, colored similar to the cat, but the quilt stayed on the design wall for months.  This past weekend I finally decided it was time to finish this little gem and I agree that it's much better even tho the brown isn't a perfect match.

My question for y'all now is how to draw this up in EQ??!! I tried for a while and finally just used graph paper to figure out measurements because I couldn't find a non-overcomplicated way to do the partial borders. TIA!

And, thanks to a great tip from Janet, I was able to finish a second TATW block in record time. I still think it's fiddly to sew together, cut it, frog it and sew it back together (I know how the Hawaiians felt) but I think it's looking good and will continue to make more blocks.

Janet's tip? Lay out the tubes ahead of time so that the seam you need to frog is at the top (or pick any side) of the layout and then just frog away...no having to *remember* which one you just did. I know, you would think I could remember during the 5 seconds it takes to frog...but I can't and that's that!


quiltmania said...

You don't really have to frog the seam. A quick pull holding each side of the seam, will break the stitches. It is a short seam and this works, as long as it is a short quick pull! Give it a try and see what you think.

Janet O. said...

Cute kitty block. Since I don't EQ I have absolutely no advice.
Glad you were successful on the second block.
I don't want quilters around the world to cringe, but I do a good share of my "frogging" with my rotary cutter. Works for me. : )

Missy Shay said...

When you say frog, do you mean rip the seam? That's a new term for me!

Michelle said...

Cute kitty quilt.
I like tour TATW blocks.....I only unpicked the wrong seam once , now I'm very careful.

Anonymous said...

I like the block and although I have EQ, I can only do the simplest designs.

Mina said...

That is the cutest little cat block. I love the colors

Denise :) said...

Sweet little cat block -- I like the braided look ... it almost looks like herringbone! Pretty cool stuff. :)