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Monday, February 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 2/25/13

Sew...here is report #1 from Quilt Retreat which already feels like a lifetime ago, yet we are already planning next years. I knew I wanted to start one NewFO at retreat no matter what and this hunter star was going to be it.

I had bought the blue and green batiks back when I lived in Miami after finding a pattern in a magazine. I had barely started to cut out the bits way back but then it sat in a drawer for years until I found out about Deb Hunter's Rapid Fire Hunter Star on youtube and then found the ruler itself at a distant quilt store.

I have half of the 120 required blocks already done...just this last bit needs pressing open.
And the other 120 halves are half done.

I cut out 75% of the pieces I would need before retreat and was just a stitching machine...which has continued in short spurts since then.  There was a lot of cutting/trimming with this method but the strip piecing method was very frugal with my batiks and there is plenty of fabric left so I might be making this quilt a smidge better so it hangs over *my* mattress better.

Option #1 - traditional HS
 Anyway...my dilemma is layout. Side by side on the table I find the fabrics have a lot of contrast. I don't feel the same way once I have made the blocks. Which of the layouts do you like better?

Option #2 - large blocks of color
BTW - I've decided to just completely forget the forgotten February HeLP - We'll be back on March 17th. I hope y'all will be wearin' the green on that day...


Frances said...

Great to have Report #1. I like the Option 1 traditional, I think it has more dynamic overall. A great use of just two batiks, they are so pretty.

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous colors, Sarah! I understand what you mean about the contrast not seeming as great once the fabrics are sewn together, but I think there is still enough with these two to make a stunning design. I think option #1 sings the loudest to me. : )

Missy Shay said...

I love the fabrics you picked! I like the first layout, but you'll probably just have to wait until all of the blocks are finished and see what kind of mood you are in before picking the layout. that's what I do!

Ruth said...

Beautiful I, too, like the first layout, although the second one is very interesting.

Denise :) said...

You are going to totally laugh at me ... but with these bigger pics, I like the bottom one better. Isn't that funny?!?! Regardless, I *love* the colors!!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Looking great Sarah !!
I made a few small sample quilts from that ruler when I worked at the quilt shop......the best ruler.
I like the first layout best though.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with most of the others and say I like the layout #1 the best.

Scrapatches said...

Love the blue and green batiks! In these photos, I do like the traditional first layout better. The second layout looks very interesting, though, and I wish I could see more of it. I think maybe as a full quilt ... on the bed ... it might really look wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your quilt ... :) Pat