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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blades & Rulers

In thinking about what to post today - I wanted to share how much I was enjoying the new rotary cutter blade I put in this weekend. I had stalled putting the new on partly because the last new one hadn't been that sharp and I assumed my scarred self-healing mat was the cause of my woes. Nope - it was the blade! I hereby encourage everyone reading today to change their blade. You will not regret it.

OK - I hadn't planned to say all that today (even tho it's all true). I had planned to share how I use one of my rulers - kind of starting a casual rundown of how I use various rulers - yeah, the ones I still haven't counted. Sometimes it's better not to know altho I have promised someone to just do it.

My friend Liana bought me this 18" x 2.5" ruler as part of a going away gift when I moved back to NY. As for it's original purpose, I find it a little wiggly because it's so long. I haven't tried to use it for it's original purpose in some time so maybe my technique has improved. Note to self - try this ruler for cutting strips some time.

What I have been using it for is is transporting HST from the cutting mat (yeah, they were cut with the new blade!) over to the sewing machine. I know Bonnie just throws them in a pile and then sews them all but I'm a little more anal and don't see the need to dislodge the 2 pieces in a pile so that I need to line them back up to sew the little buggers. Call me crazy.

And then...my quality control officer popped in for a look. At least he got his toukus off the couch - I was beginning to worry there was something wrong with his "senior" self. Please ignore the Glads that should have been put out with the trash...


Janet O. said...

I used to use rulers of various sizes for that very purpose--depending on the size of my pieces to be sewn. But they are slippery and I have had some sliders (probably because I am not coordinated enough). I am now totally converted to the design boards (foam core board with cotton batting glued to it). A square of 15" holds a 12" block, or many little pieces to be stitched.

Denise :) said...

I know what you mean -- I just changed my blade not too long ago and was so AMAZED (and quite frankly, relieved) at the difference it made! Like changing the needle in your sewing machine (which I did at about the same time, with about the same results). Gosh, Sarah, you have lots of fun rulers. Mine are all (mostly) boring and straight. You are quickly becoming "the Jones'" to me! LOL!