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Friday, September 09, 2011

Feline Friday - 9/9/11

I wanted to share a photo of my 3 little helpers this morning as I was working on my EQ7 lessons (Team Tabby were on the table with me and Squeaky was rolling around on the floor) EXCEPT all three of them beat it when I stood up to get the camera and this was the best I could get after re-posing Midgie. It's still representative of her non-stop attitude and probably why I only have a tenth as many pictures of her as compared to the other kids.


Lauren Sgranfetto said...

Josie is the same way! I took a dozen pix just to get the one I posted! Kind of a neat image-

Denise :) said...

Cool picture!! I get pictures like that of the deer a lot. Or they move their heads so fast, I capture their bodies and they look headless. It's kinda creepy with them. LOL! I almost didn't get my first two lessons uploaded in time. I don't know why, but I thought I had until SATURDAY to upload them and I was too lazy to read the specific instructions to see what I needed to do. I don't know why I did, but for some reason, at 10:50 on Friday night, I looked and realized I needed to get on the ball FAST! Needless to say, Lessons 3&4 are already up. Whew! I wish she wouldn't be so ... vague about her corrections. If I'm making an error, man up and tell me straight out! Haha! C'est la vie. :)