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Friday, September 23, 2011

Feline Friday - 9/23/11

Do you remember the new-to-us red cat bed that no one wanted to use even tho it was freshly laundered? Someone suggested that I place a used towel or blanket in the bed to garner some intererest...yeh...didn't work.

Now that fall is coming, tiny Midgie has reclaimed her large blue cat bed that she only half fills, leaving Pepper out in the cold. I think it's the first time I have seen her use the bed since she and the bed arrived here summer 2010. Being a wuss and not willing to stand up to the sister who is one third his size, Pepper now uses the small red bed. I have seen him hanging out the front "door" when he hasn't stuffed his toukus in far enough. I'm not sure that he cares as long as he's warm!

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Connie said...

How cute! Our cats prefer "our" bed! I have a cat bed and once in awhile one of them will get in it especially if I put in my sewing room up on my table. Try putting a quilt block or small quilt in the bed and see if that works. My cats love my quilts.1
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