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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Art of the Garden

I am not what one would call an overly dedicated gardener. I like to pick flowers for the house or my office but I do not give up my other hobbies for the summer nor do I spend days and days gardening until I can't move, like some people I know. Mostly because it only takes a single afternoon of gardening to not be able to move. I also can't be out in the heat overly long or I'll end up with a migraine.

This past Sunday was the most perfect weather to be working outside. I've had some potted plants on the side porch this summer (inventory changes as things get planted or donated to me) and I finally decided it was time to get the other hosta bed in.

This is what I started with. The corner has been in progress for two summers. There is a yellow wood poppy that is beautiful in the spring/early summer and the sum and substance hosta is supposed to be huge when it's older. There are also columbine and lillies thrown in there with two Solomon's seal. The wall mounted hose reel replaced a wheeled cart this summer that constantly tipped over. Best decision ever! Do you remember the rock under the hose reel? The one I swiped from the edge of a corn field and only got home becuase of the stranger that helped me get it into my little car? Now I need a slightly smaller one to put in front of it so the hose doesn't know the little plants over.

I started by digging up the sod. Let me remind you that I have clay here at CasaGrande and it's been dry. I finally used the hose to dampen the surface enough to loosen it up. Next I placed rocks for what will become a rock wall...I just need more rocks! Then I placed the hosta, sedum and day lilly pots where I wanted them, trying to leave room for everything to grow. I've still got some empty spaces but I've got more plants to add and some to move from other gardens. It still needs mulch but it's already much better than just grass and weeds :)

I finished the afternoon by digging up red potatoes (great crop) and onions (not so great), pulling some weeds and clipping some Glads for the house. Don't ask about my back...or the butt muscles I somehow strained?!?


Janet O. said...

That was a lot of work, Sarah! It looks really good. I also have clay soil (lovely stuff, isn't it?), and we seem to have a similar level of sun tolerance. So I probably garden at about the same level as you!

Kim P. said...

It looks really nice--you did a great job! Just think how pretty it will be next spring and into the summer! By then your back (and butt) muscles will feel much better. :)

Kim P. said...

Oh! This is Denise! :)