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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Squishy surprise!!!

We interrupt today's regularly scheduled UFO Thursday post to share a little surprise I received today!!

I don't get to pick up my mail super often - there is no delivery to my end of the street so I have a PO box that I only get to once or twice a week and only if I leave for work early enough. I almost didn't make it this morning but I was surprised to find a very pretty squishy in the little box.

Denise and I talk tea sometimes...especially when the newest Tea Time magazine comes out and I am biting at the bit to borrow the library's copy. Recently Denise shared that she was sipping pumpkin spice tea and I told her it sounded yummy.

Can you guess what was in my squishy??!! A golden package of Pumpkin Spice tea from Emma's Tea Room and a note card that is perfect because sewing IS my therapy. I can't wait to get home and brew some. This cool weather is perfect for sipping a cup of tea in my favorite teacup tonight :)

Thanks Denise!!!! You really made my day!


Janet O. said...

So fun to get these little unexpected gifts in the mail!
Love the card.

Lauren Sgranfetto said...

How fun! And how nice! Enjoy!

Denise :) said...

So have your brewed up a cup of that Pumpkin Spice yet?!?! You can tell I'm ridiculously far behind in my blog reading. LOL! So far I came down this morning to play catch up and the Keurig wasn't even up yet! ;) I hope you enjoy the one of my favorite teas -- next time I'll send you some of my other favorite -- Almond Rocker! Hugs! :)